Luc Vincent

Luc Vincent is a Belgian product and graphic designer who works and lives in Brussels. He cannot be pigeonholed into one particular discipline. He’s a versatile designer with a focus on functionality.
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Luc Vincent

The Brussels designer Luc Vincent cannot be pigeonholed into one particular discipline. He designs furniture, lighting and accessories but he is also an interior designer as well as an art director.

Luc Vincent studied at La Cambre and worked as a designer and art director with renowned international architects such as Ricardo Bofill, Jean Nouvel and Jacob & Macfarlane. His name is also associated with Belgian firms such as Modular, Obumex and Bulo.

It was under his artistic direction that the Jules Wabbes collection experienced a successful revival.

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As a designer I am not looking for beauty. What is beauty? A well-designed object must give people a feeling of freedom.
- Luc
Luc Vicent
Luc Vincent
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